Founded by the pickiest guy we know.

Not your typical teen years.

As a teenager, Andrew was diagnosed with an aggressive form of tissue cancer. Overnight, he went from getting ready for tennis practice to getting ready for surgery, an experience that would ultimately change his life and his views on nutrition.

Doctor’s not-so-nutritious orders.

Dangerously thin from treatment, Andrew was given so-called nutrition shakes to help him gain weight, but they only made him feel worse. He read book after book about nutrition and became sure that the artificial and genetically modified ingredients were not his ticket to health.

Taking health into his own hands.

With the help of his mother, Andrew started blending shakes at home using only whole organic ingredients. They made him feel stronger and suddenly, the future looked a little brighter.

Patient turned doctor turned entrepreneur.

Years later, while seeing patients in his own medical practice, Andrew had a nagging feeling that he could be doing more and became obsessed with replacing the artificial shakes he was given as a patient with a healthier alternative.

A company was born.

Orgain’s first product was modeled after the organic nutrition shakes Andrew and his mom blended years ago. His mission to feel better back then turned into a company on a mission today, propelled by an uncompromising commitment to clean nutrition.

Ready to get picky with your protein?